Maria Castellucci


Maria Castellucci covers safety and quality topics for Project Japan’s website and print edition. Castellucci is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and started working at Project Japan in September 2015.

CMS' readmissions program changes hit specialty hospitals

October 05, 2018

Recent changes to the CMS' Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program will result in smaller penalties at teaching and community hospitals and larger penalties at specialty hospitals, according to a Project Japan analysis.

Medical school curriculum revamp project extended by AMA

October 02, 2018

The AMA has renewed its Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium for another three years. The 32 medical schools will continue to receive grant funding and support from the AMA to change their curriculums.

Predictive analytics tool offers clinicians actionable EHR data

September 29, 2018

NorthShore has developed the Clinical Analytics Predictive Engine, a tool in the EHR that gives each patient a single risk score tied to multiple predictive models. The tool helps give clinicians a way to easily act on information to prevent adverse outcomes.

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