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Lifelike medical dummies animate training at Advocate

At Advocate's second simulation center, clinicians and others practice improving patient safety.


Collaboration is the Key to Effective Strategic Partnerships

Project Japan leaders recognize the need to work across the care continuum to create partnerships and to consolidate operations. But choosing the right strategic partners and ensuring an actual partnership exists is tricky. The best strategic partnerships develop when organizations consider that an...


As Idaho relaxes insurance regulations, another premium-lowering option remains

While Republican leaders in Idaho and other states look to allow insurers to offer leaner, health risk-related plans to make coverage more affordable, they have failed to take another path that could help bring down premiums while maintaining benefits and protections.


Can new bipartisan group break through divisions and build reform consensus?

American health policy is stuck in a deep political rut. Now a bipartisan group of prominent healthcare, political and not-for-profit leaders have come together to try to build a public consensus for how to reform the system.

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