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| The New York Times

American Psychological Association members voted against allowing the organization's members to treat people held at sites, like Guantánamo, that don't follow international human rights laws.


| ProPublica

Former VA head Dr. David Shulkin met with three Trump cronies in the winter of 2018 at Mar-a-Lago, where they argued about the VA's then-unsigned contract with Cerner.

| The Wall Street Journal

Apps bring chatbots to people with mental illness. Sometimes, their treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy.

| Quartz

It usually takes several years for people with fibromyalgia to actually be diagnosed with the condition, as they run into skeptical doctors who say the condition doesn't even exist. But an AI-based tool can detect fibromyalgia by looking at brain scans, correctly identifying the condition 93% of the time in a recent study.

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| Wired

Sand allows our cell phones to exist and function by providing the silicon dioxide needed to make computer chips, fiber-optic cables, and other components.



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