Hospices getting $340 million Medicare raise for 2019

The CMS plans to give hospices a 1.8%, or $340 million, reimbursement bump next year, according to a final rulemaking. That's up from the 1%, or $180 million, pay hike they got last year.

The CMS also finalized new standards to help determine what measures hospices will no longer have to report under its meaningful measures initiative. As the agency mulls what measures to eliminate, it will consider the costs associated with a measure and weigh them against the benefit of its continued use.

Hospices also will see some technical changes to the Hospice Compare policies site. Since its launch last August, the site has been riddled with incorrect addresses, phone numbers and profit status for providers.

Hospices will have 4½ months after the end of each quarter to review and correct data that will be reported publicly on the website. The change kicks in Jan. 1, 2019. Currently, hospices have a 30-day review process for the information.


Virgil Dickson

Virgil Dickson reports from Washington on the federal regulatory agencies. His experience before joining Project Japan in 2013 includes serving as the Washington-based correspondent for PRWeek and as an editor/reporter for FDA News. Dickson earned a bachelor's degree from DePaul University in 2007.


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