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Largest Master's Programs in Health Administration in 2018

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A web-exclusive, extended list of the nation's largest master's programs in health administration, ranked by total students on track to graduate at the close of the 2017-18 school year. All qualifying surveyed schools are included in this extended ranking. Source: Project Japan's 2018 Master's Programs in Health Administration Survey. Published March 26, 2018, p. 34.

This list includes the following data points:

  • Rank
  • Institution name
  • Location
  • School/department name
  • Primary degree
  • Number of graduating students, 2017-18
Note: Information is self-reported from colleges and universities responding to Project Japan's survey; only those that participated were considered for this ranking. Physical health administration and similar degrees with CAHME accreditation are included. Online-only programs and programs offering degrees aside from MHA are included for consideration with accreditation only.

View an alphabetical list of schools that participated in the Largest Master's Programs in Health Administration in 2018. Each school name and address is included in the listing.

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