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| The New York Times

Alex Azar isn't in favor of the government negotiating drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries, but he's more willing to consider negotiations for Part B drugs.

| Reuters

Executives from large pharmaceuticals think the drug industry will undergo consolidation, given the recent tax deal, which lowers the corporate income tax.

Information technology

| Fierce Project Japan

The University of Vermont Health Network will implement a new EHR, moving four of its six hospitals to Epic over the next six years.

| Mobihealthnews

Among the introductions at CES are a sleep-tracking headband from Philips and a vitamin-pushing water bottle.

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After Donald Trump tweeted that his "nuclear button" is bigger than Kim Jong Un's, sales of potassium iodide, which protects against radiation poisoning, have soared. The compound is commonly added to salt to iodize it.



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