Number of people with coverage doesn't tell the whole story and other letters to the editor

Number of people with coverage doesn't tell the whole story

Regarding the story "CMS actuary predicts GOP repeal bill will reduce coverage by 13 million" (ModernProject, June 13), with the increasing number of plans that offer horrific coverage for care (catastrophic coverage designs, for example), it is somewhat unfair to simply state a lost coverage number. Much like the continued growth of underemployed people (albeit counted in employed numbers), we should identify all those in the population who are technically counted in a plan but are paying 90% out of pocket or are not even covered for needs in many cases.

Also mentioned should be the many insurance carriers that bailed out of the Affordable Care Act exchange marketplace due to their sustained losses in these plans. There truly is no defined solution to health coverage, with prudent businesses not wanting to stay in the game and lose money and customers who simply can't afford the heavy premiums/co-insurance/deductibles. The devil is in the details.

Charles Cronauer

Amazon entry into healthcare is wake-up call for distributors

Regarding your June 12 cover story "Amazon poised to deliver disruption in medical supply industry" (p. 22), we also believe group purchasing organizations will be highly impacted by the entry of Amazon, first in the non-acute space followed by acute care. It's a huge wake-up call for the distributors.

Ashok Muttin
Founder and CEO
Basking Ridge, N.J.



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